Backlink Checker

Check the number of referring domains backlinks to your website or web pages. Enter the URL and click Check

About Backlink Checker Tool:

Backlinks are one of the key ranking factors for Google, the more high-quality backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank in search results. A backlink is an incoming link from one website to another.

Backlink Checker by SEOStudio is a free online tool that helps you check the number of backlinks and referring domains to your website. With this tool, you can see how many websites are linking to your site and the total links. Using a backlink checker can be a helpful part of any SEO strategy. By regularly checking your backlinks, you can guarantee that your site is getting high-quality links that will help boost your rankings in search engines.

How to Use SEOStudio Backlink Checker Tool?

Our backlink checker tool works by scanning the internet for any links that point to your website and then evaluating the number of referring domains and the number of backlinks. It's easy to use and straightforward. To use this tool, follow the guide below:

  • Copy the domain or the URL you want to check its referring domains and backlinks number.
  • Paste it inside the search bar of this tool above.
  • Click on the Check button.
  • The tool will then give you the total number of linking domains and backlinks.

Why Use Our Backlink Checker Tool?

One reason to use this tool is to keep track of the number of backlinks you have. This can be useful in helping you to gauge the effectiveness of your link-building efforts. If you see that the number of backlinks is increasing, it may indicate that your efforts are paying off.

Why backlinks are important?

Backlinks are important because they are one of the main ways that search engines determine the quality and relevance of a website. A website with many high-quality backlinks is more likely to rank higher in search results than a website with fewer or lower-quality backlinks. Besides, backlinks can also help to increase traffic to your website by giving people an easy way to find your site when they are searching for related information.

The quality of a backlink is determined by various factors, including the relevance and authority of the linking site, as well as the anchor text used (the text that is hyperlinked to your site).