What Is My User Agent

What Is My User Agent

Instantly check your User Agent and more information about your browser. Access the tool to see your User-Agent and click on "Show More Details" to see more.

About What Is My User Agent:

The User-Agent is a string of text sent by the web browser to the website server when a user accesses a website and contains information about the user's browser, operating system, device type, and other details that can help the website server optimize the content and features for the user's specific device and browser.

The "What Is My User Agent" tool by SOEStudio is a simple web-based tool that allows you to find and identify your user agent and its operating system. The information this tool provides is the User-Agent, Browser Name, Browser Version, Operating System, and Language. This information is important for website developers and designers who want to ensure their website works well across different browsers and versions.

How to Use What Is My User Agent Tool?

Using our tool is very simple, you just need to access the tool's web page and it will automatically show you your user agent. And to get more information, you can click "Show More Details" to see Browser Name, Browser Version, Operating System, and Language.

Benefits of Using What Is My User Agent Tool:

Knowing this information has several benefits. For developers and designers, it can be useful for testing website compatibility and troubleshooting issues that may be specific to a particular browser or version. It's also important for users because websites can use it to provide a better user experience for their visitors. For example, if a website detects that a user is accessing it from a mobile device, it can optimize the content and layout for a smaller screen size. Similarly, if a website detects that a user is using an older browser version, it can provide a simplified version of the website that is compatible with that browser.