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Meta Tag Analyzer

Meta Tag Analyzer

Analyze the HTML code of your web pages and extract meta tags information the pages have

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are short snippets of code that can be added to the HTML code to provide additional information about a website. Search engines and browsers use them to understand what kind of content is on a page, how important it is, and how it should be displayed in search results or on a web browser's homepage.

The information the meta tags provides about a web page includes the web page title, description, keywords, and other metadata. Meta tags also help with website optimization by providing information about how a page should be optimized for search engines.

What is a meta tag analyzer?

Meta tag analyzer by SEOStudio is a free web-based tool that allows users to analyze the HTML code of their webpages and extract the pages' meta tags information. The meta tag analyzer will scan a webpage for its meta tags and then display them to the user in an organized list. The user can then edit or delete any of these meta tags by clicking on them in the list.

How to use our meta tag analyzer tool?

Our meta tag analyzer tool is free and easy to use to help you in your SEO practice. To use this tool all you have to do is to grab the URL of the web page that you want to analyze its meta tags and paste it in the toolbox and then click Analyze.

The tool will then fetch all the information about the meta tag the web page has such as the meta title, the meta description, the meta author, and so on. And if there’s no specific meta tag, the tool will tell you that the meta tag is not found.

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