Random UUID Generator

Random UUID Generator

About UUID Generator Tool

A UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) is a 128-bit number used to uniquely identify information in computer systems. "UUID Generator" is an online tool designed to create these unique identifiers. The goal of a UUID is to be unique across space and time concerning the space of all UUIDs. Because of their size and complexity, the probability that a UUID will be duplicated is extremely low.

UUIDs are commonly used in software development for various purposes, such as identifying database records, session identifiers, and system configuration identifiers, among others. They can be generated in various versions, with each version having a specific method of generation. For example:

  1. Version 1 UUIDs are generated using a timestamp and the computer's network address. If the network address is not available, a random or pseudo-random value is used.
  2. Version 2 UUIDs are similar to version 1 but include additional information to ensure uniqueness across different domains, such as POSIX UID/GID.
  3. Version 3 and Version 5 UUIDs use namespace-based schemes. They are generated by hashing a namespace identifier and a name (such as a URL or a fully qualified domain name) using MD5 (version 3) or SHA1 (version 5).
  4. Version 4 UUIDs are randomly generated, with certain bits fixed to indicate the version and variant of the UUID.

The use of UUIDs helps prevent collisions, which can occur when identifiers are generated independently in distributed systems. UUID generators are widely available in various programming languages and platforms, either as built-in functions or through external libraries.

To use this tool just access it from the SEOStudio website and click Generate, then click on the copy button beside the generated UUID to copy it to the clipboard.