YouTube Timestamp Link Generator

Easily generate timestamps for any YouTube video. Paste the video URL in the search box, specify the Minutes and Seconds, and click Generate.

About YouTube Timestamp Link Generator:

YouTube Timestamp Link Generator by SEOStudio is a simple online tool that allows users to generate a clickable link to any specific moment in a YouTube video. With this tool, you can create links that direct viewers to a specific time stamp in a video, making it easy for them to jump to the exact moment they are interested in.

Using this tool will allow you to create links to specific points in a video and share them on social media platforms, blogs, websites, or even in your video's description. This can help increase engagement and drive traffic to your video content.

How to Use YouTube Timestamp Link Generator?

Using our YouTube Timestamp Link Generator tool is simple and straightforward. First, get the YouTube video you want to create the timestamp for and locate the specific moment in the video you want to share and paste the URL into the input field then enter the start time using the minutes and seconds input fields, and then click Generate. Here's how you can do that step by step:

  1. Copy the YouTube video URL that you want to link to
  2. Paste the URL in the search box.
  3. Specify the moment in the video you want to share using the Minutes and Seconds inputs.
  4. Click the Generate button.
  5. The tool will give you a clickable link to that moment and you can go directly to the video link or copy it.

Why Use YouTube Timestamp Link Generator Tool?

The main benefit of our video timestamp tool is that it eliminates the need for viewers to scroll through the entire video to find the specific moment they want to watch. rather, they can simply click on the link you have shared with them, and it will take them directly to the moment in the video they are interested in.

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