YouTube Title Length Checker

YouTube Title Length Checker

Check if your YouTube title length is good or needs to be improved, also check its character and word count. Enter your video title and click on "Check"

About YouTube Title Length Checker Tool:

YouTube Title Length Checker is a free online tool by SEOStudio that can help you check your YouTube title length, it does that by showing you the word count and character count, and also the status of the title if it's perfect, good, or needs adjustments. This tool is very helpful, especially for new YouTubers, it can help them check their titles and see the best practice for SEO.

Using our tool is very simple, all you need to do is to copy and paste your YouTube video title inside the search box, or you can type it manually. Next, click on Check. Once you do that the tool will show you the title letter and word count, and then your title status.

The title status are one of the following:

  1. Perfect: If the title characters are within the recommended count (60-70).
  2. Good: if the title length is less or more with a maximum of 10 characters from the recommended.
  3. Needs attention:  if the title is shorter or longer than the recommended count.
  4. Bad: If the title is too short or very long.

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