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HTML Decoder

Translate special HTML entities and character references into their respective characters. Decompilate encoded HTML codes to make it easier for you to understand.

About HTML Decode Tool

The HTML Decoder is a free online tool that can help you decode any HTML code of a webpage. This tool will help you decompilate encoded HTML files which makes it easier for you to understand the HTML file and make use of it. The goal of this HTML Decoder is to make the code readable. It removes all formatting, tags, comments, and complexity from the HTML code and converts it into a readable HTML code. This makes it easier for people with no programming knowledge to understand the code.

How To Use HTML Decoder Tool?

Using this tool to decode your "difficult to read" HTML code has never been much easier than this. All you have to do is copy and input your HTML tag inside the toolbox, click Decode, and instantly the tool will do the decoding work for you. You can follow the step-by-step guide below to do so:

  1. Open your HTML file and copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Access the tool
  3. Paste the HTML code inside the toolbox.
  4. Click Decode. As simple as that.
  5. Copy the decoded HTML code manually or using the Copy icon in the top right corner of the result box.

You can also edit the HTML inside the toolbox or edit it in your origin file.

Why Use Our HTML Decode Tool?

If you thought about why you use our HTML Decode tool instead of others on the internet, here are several reasons for that

  • The interface of the tool is straightforward. You can see the input box in the middle of the screen which is used to enter the HTML code you want to decode. The output will be shown in the bottom panel of the screen after you click Decode.
  • The accuracy of the HTML Decode Tool is its most important feature. It can accurately decode a wide range of tags. It’s accurate and it will not produce any errors when decoding your HTML code.
  • This is a free tool for web developers and designers. It will help them to decode the HTML in their web design files totally for free, you won't be charged using our awesome tool.
  • The tool is fast, it only takes milliseconds to decode and encode the text.

How Does The HTML Decode Tool Work?

The HTML Decode Tool decodes in several sequential or successive steps, where the decoder tool reads the entire code, and since it is a specialized tool to decode the HTML language, it can read it easily because it is familiar with it. But if the decoder tool does not know, it must first recognize and read the language. Then the tool will know the type of encoding method because each encoding method has a special method for decoding, which is, as we said, a reverse process. And so, after the HTML decoder converts the code to the base system in which it was written.

In general, the HTML Decode tool goes through three stages or three steps that end with decoding, which are encoding, decoding, and understanding what has been decoded, as it is a step to ensure that what has been decoded is correct.

What Are The Uses Of The HTML Decode Tool?

The HTML decode tool is very useful for web developers, web designers, and people who are familiar with HTML language. Here are the uses of the HTML Decode Tool:

  • Decode HTML codes.
  • When you want to find out if there are any errors on your website. Inspect the source code of a webpage.
  • Understand the structure of a webpage and its elements. How a webpage was built.
  • Find out how to use CSS styles on specific elements.
  • Find out what JavaScript code has been used on a certain website.

HTML Decode Tool FAQs

What is HTML?

HTML is a language based on the tags rules of writing, where there are two ways to write, namely: Opening the tag and writing the content and then closing the tag and this affects the content. If the tag is removed in the other and it is not closed, this will affect the existing content Where must pay attention and close Alt. The second method is to open and close the tags once together, and usually, this is addition such as adding pictures and others to create a site using HTML, an HTML file must be created, because without it, the site cannot work, and inside the file, a command or text can be added. Any HTML page consists of main tags and non-key tags, and inside each of them are the commands.

What is HTML Decode?

HTML Decoding is the process of decompilation or cracking of recursive encoding, which is the process of reversing the character to a base using the same encoder format. For example, when encoding one string, the reverse process is so that the new encoder gives the input again, and this means decoding, For example, when you convert the input to numbers, the numbers are converted to binary, and based on this sequence, it will be removed and return to the original character, and all this happens internally.

 HTML Decoding is simply the reverse process of encoding, removing all the changes made by the encoder.

When To Use The HTML Decoder Tool?

It became rare or unlikely to find codes that were not encoded, and that's when it has been found the need for a decoding tool. Where the decoding tool decodes and saves the data, it is very important when using the data to be free from any interference that the encoding may cause. So, it can be used to understand the structure of the webpage and its elements.

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